Raja Ampat, or ‘four kings’ as it translates from Indonesian, consists of over 1562 beautiful tropical islands, yet it takes its name from 4 of the larger islands, Batanta, Waigeo, Salawati, and Misool. It is critically acclaimed to be one of the best places on our planet to dive, due to both the above and below surface offerings. There isn’t really a low season for Raja Ampat, however during June and July there tends to be higher levels of precipitation, this reflects in our Raja Ampat scheduling.

When you ‘Google’ paradise, turns out you may well be viewing images of some of the limestone cliff formations located in Wayag, or the infamous sea gypsies that base their homes on stilted wooden platforms, overhanging idyllic white sand beaches scattered throughout the region. When you finally dive in, you will find passing Hammerhead sharks, majestic giant manta rays, graceful whale sharks, playful dolphins, the list goes on. Meanwhile don’t forget to keep an eye on the reefs and corals, sponges, soft corals, shrimps, crabs and countless nudibranchs and hundreds other invertebrates. If all of those things don’t grab your attention, the highest concentration of marine life ever surveyed on one dive was here. 75% of all coral species in the world are found within these waters, there is no equivalent in the terrestrial world. This the heart of the Coral Triangle and there is nothing, anywhere, like this. This is it - the centre of marine biodiversity on our planet. Every divers ‘bucket list’ gets ticked off upon their first visit, then they come back time and time again, and see even more. Its tantamount to pioneer diving, where new species are being discovered regularly, and you could well be the first to view one of them. This is the end of the rainbow

Our ‘Raja North’ charter is a breathtaking example of what the regency has to offer, customised to fit into a tight schedule.

Departing from Sorong, we will cruise to the picturesque white sands of Pulau Wai, followed by a sunset cruise to the ranger station based in the north of Batanta. Groot Fam is next on our list, thriving with the life carried from the falling tides of the Dampier Straight.

North again, to Wayag, where striking topography meets mass underwater diversity, and current laden sloping walls. Surface intervals in Wayag can be as spectacular as the dives, dramatic jagged limestone cliffs rupture the surface, which tower over tiny dome shaped rocks that scatter the areas turquoise waters.

Overnighting south towards Gam, we visit the world renowned ‘Passage’ dive site and its awe inspiring surrounds. From Gam we enter the Dampier Straight in search of giant manta rays, and colossal schools of pelagic fish.

09 Days 08 Nights Dive Liveaboard on La Galigo Phinisi Luxury Schooner
Start/End : Sorong/Sorong
Approximate number of dives: 34

Day 01 : Airport Sorong-Harbor-Wai Island check dive
Day 02 : Dive Batanta Island 3-4 dives
Day 03 : Misool Dive 3-4 dives

Day 04 : Dive Misool 3-4 dives
Day 05 : Dive Groot Fam Islands 3-4 dives

Day 07 : Dive Gam Island and Bay 3-4 dives
Day 06 : Dive Manta Sandy and Dampier Strait 3-4 dives.
Day 07 : Dive Dampier Strait 3-4 dives
Day 08 : Morning dive, Shore excursion to see Bird of paradise and in the evening sail back to Sorong.
Day 09 : Sorong- Airport

Rates per person in US Dollar:
- Deluxe: $ 3860
- Master: $ 4200
- Suite: $ 4850



• Hotel transfers to and from Sorong Harbour on the first and final day of your cruise, from a local hotel in Sorong.

• Ferry transfers to and from Sorong Harbour to La Galigo on the first and final day of your cruise.

• All meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages (based on fair usage and consumption)

• Diving services including tanks, weights, air fills, guides and dive tenders.

• Land excursions, Ranger fees excluded.

• Internet connection, dependant on signal (generally very limited to Sorong area), for e-mail and general browsing.

• Video / photo package of your tour


• Flight tickets

• Travel, dive and repatriation insurance

• Visas and fees

• Airport taxes and extra baggage fees

• Airport to hotel transfers

  • Port and Marine Park fees
  • Raja Ampat tags (approximately $100 USD)
  • Rangers fees (on-land activity)

• Dive rental equipment

  • Nitrox - prices USD per person

• $10 a tank payable onboard for all charteres