Sanctum Resort is private Volcano Island in the Togian Islands, Sulawesi Trekking in Jurassic Park-jungle. Diving with fabulous coral reefs and amongst huge amount of fishes. ​Bliss out in pure Nature.

Sanctum Resort is a small, elegant eco resort in the heart of the picturesque volcano island of the Togean Islands, Sulawesi. Our rooms have each been designed and furnished with care and deep respect for the surrounding ecology. When you arrive, we will greet you as family member. ​ We uphold the local aspect of our operation, and firmly believe that co-operation with small entrepreneurs in the surrounding area will give every guest an outstanding and memorable diving experience. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Sanctum dive resort accommodates both Snorkellers and Divers alike, with great snorkelling just at your doorstep. If you wish not to enter the water, there are many land based activities to keep you active, whether it is hiking up the volcano, visiting villages, or hiring a bike and exploring the island, or simply strolling along the beaches and discovering your own petite paradise, one that you have all to yourself.

About Una Una:
“Great diving, wonderful atmosphere, excellent story-swapping” Una Una Island is one of the most pristine island locations where you can find that it heightens the contrast between the mundane and the sublime. Here, you will get the best diving experience in the entire of the Togean Islands.

The crystalline waters are populated with a large array of marine life ranging from Reef Sharks to massive Schools of Barracuda, Turtles, Dolphins and the beautiful Macro life. The corals here truly are breathtaking, the colors and sheer size of certain specimens are unheard of around the Togean Islands and even South East Asia.

Una Una on land is a whole new world to that of the mainland, with untouched forests, waterfalls, volcanic pits and lakes scattering the torn and rugged landscape, that was decimated by the eruption of Una Una in the last 1980's. The black sand beaches surrounding are enchanting and will capture the attention of even the most seasoned travelers, coconut trees line the beaches offering you the tropical island sensation.

Sanctum is a home away from home, the relaxed-friendly community atmosphere wherein you will experience here at Sanctum is one of our core values, we treat our guests as we would our own family.

Our staff members are available on-site 24/7 and are very happy to answer any questions and queries you may have. You will come across here like-minded travelers, seeking a budget option and are inevitably after what this island has to offer. The resort has a fresh clean-cut look to it offering both comfort and affordability.

Sanctum resort offers Deluxe or Standard style rooms, both with 3 meals in a day included at the initial price. The food is salivating especially after a long day of diving; the cuisine is Indonesian with a Western hint to it. It is exceptionally healthy, with vegetables being our core ingredient. For dessert, freshly baked cakes straight out of the oven awaits you.

The Volcano
Una Una is an active Volcanic Island, last eruption was on 1983 and then, the whole Island was covered by black ashes. There was no casualty. Government evacuated all locals to wakai/Ampana. Some of them came back and now, the population is around 200 families. Scientists from government institution predict that every 100 years, Una una could have the minor eruption. So, the next eruption is somewhere around 2083. Volcano is still active and continuously dispersing a lot of minerals, sulphur, metals compound, etc. Gold, volcanic rocks, rich soil, huge amount of corals, all this is here hidden by Volcano.

Important notice:
There has been rumours recently about the activity of Una Una Volcano and/or evacuation or imminent eruption. This is not true at all. The authorities have not released any evacuation notice nor there is visual activity at the volcano, so do not worry. We are still here, diving the best Sulawesi dives in the Togean Islands. Please do not heed these rumours emerging from neighboring islands or resorts, as they want diving in Una Una Island, the best in the region, remain undiscovered.

The Diving
Togian Island Sanctum Una Una is the only operator to offer you unparalleled diving Indonesia on Una Una, Togean Islands Togian Island Sanctum Una Una offers 4-5 times of diving every day, 12 months a year, 7 days a week. We have professional diving team made up of 2 instructors, 4 divemasters, and 2 local guides.

Groups are small, with maximum 5 people per guide. Dive times are long, with no time limits. Most of the dive sites are 5-10min boat ride away from the resort. One of our best dive sites, Jam, is just in front of Sanctum, featuring an amazing tornado of barracudas with white and black tip reef sharks often scuttle by. We also do a half day trip to Apollo Reef and the west side of the island.

On Una Una you will find over 1,000 reef fish species and huge corals. Una Una is an awesome place do diving, with more than 30 dive sites, clear warm waters, huge school of fishes, rays, turtles, tornado of barracudas, and corals so beautiful and pristine some of them are 3,000 years old.

This moment we only dive in the east of the island, and we hope that soon we could explore the west side also. Underwater life is similar to that you can find in Raja Ampat in Papua, but with more barracuda and less sharks.

We also have new muck dive sites, huge painted frogfishes, seahorses and leaf scorpionfishes, and reef sharks commonly sighted.

Until recently only very few divers know this place. We have been open for 6 months and now is the time to explore more this mystically beautiful area.

All our dive equipment are new, from Scubapro and Tusa, plus a new Bauer compressor. Three small speed boats ensure an enjoyable diving experience here in the togean Islands, with Sanctum Una Una.

Around Una Una you will find slopes, walls, healthy reefs, pinnacles, muck diving, night diving, big stuff of just about everything, and sometimes even dolphins and whales pass by this remote part of Indonesia called the Togean Islands.

Resort Sanctum has 15 double rooms, each specifically furnished for its own eco feel. Eight DELUXE rooms have a bathroom with a shower and western toilets, seven STANDARD have a share with western toilets. All of our rooms are equipped with a mosquito net, hammock, and nice balcony. We offer 3 tasty meals with coffee, tea and drinking water. Our rooms boast great views to the surrounds. Food made mainly with locally sourced products is included in the price. The meaning of tasty and healthy food and beverages is that we are able to match the foods we eat with the drinks we drink in such a good manner that they suit our tastes perfectly, and every single day we live, we feel healthy and happy.

* Deluxe Room : With private bathroom, big sea front terrace, hammock, towels, king size bed, fan
* Standard Room : have fan,hammock,towels, nice terrace and share western bathroom with shower

If our rooms are full, then no need to worry. Una una have lovely homestay "Ninos place" 3 sea front simple bungalow, share toilet, 3 meals and water incl Rp. 200.000 / person

Room Rates:
- Standard Room : Rp 400/night/person
- Deluxe Room : Rp. 300.000/night/person

High and peak season surcharge apply from July 01-September 15 and December 01-January 15 with additional charges Rp. 250.000/night/rooms