Waleakodi is closed now but you can find us in new address in Malenge. New dive resort already operate. Please contact sifa in the harbur.

The Islands
Togian The word comes from the local language means "Togo ian" - three brothers whos originally came to the island from South Sulawesi. One of them stayed on Una-Una, the second on Batudaka and third on Togian.

The Togian Islands have long been out of sight and out of mind for most, including the Indonesian government, and so remain very much undeveloped. Life continues for the majority of those that live here in a similar way to that which they have known for many years.

The islands have been in the forefront of several conservation groups minds for quite some time now. Several attempts were made to grant the Togeans national park status. However, due the slow-moving machinations of the bureaucratic wheels within Jakarta, and the fact that any such revenues gained would go straight back to line the coffers of central government, national park status has never been achieved.

Moves are now afoot to grant local marine reserve protection rights instead. It is hoped that this will speed up the process, empower and motivate the locals to properly police the area, and bring much needed revenues to the residents of this part of Sulawesi.

The Togian (or Togean) Islands are an archipelago of 56 islands and islets, in the Gulf of Tomini, off the coast of Central Sulawesi, in Indonesia.

The three largest islands are Batudaka, Togian, and Talatakoh. There are 37 villages on the islands.

How to find us
Primary go to Malenge harbor and ask to free transport to Waleakodi Sifa cottage.

Togian - Malenge
From Ampana(7hours) as well from Wakai (2 hours) you take direct boat to Malenge. Or 5 hours only by Nusantara

Gorontalo or Bumbulan
Best way how to visit Togian is by ferry Cengkih Afo or Kalia Star(see schedule).

Togian Standing in splendid isolation in Tomini Bay, central Sulawesi, it is quite time consuming to get to the Togean Islands. But you will be thankful you went to the effort to get there as that's the price you pay for a remote piece of tropical paradise. After all, if it was easy to get to, there'd be more tourists and litter here, spoiling it for you!

You can fly to Gorontalo from Jakarta with Lion Air, Garuda and Sriwijaya Air.

You can either dive a few days in Gorontalo or stay in Melati hotel or other hotels. We can also help you to arrange accommodation and transport there.

The only means of transportation between the Togean Islands is by boat. Public boats run between the main islands every day. Aside from public transport, the only option is to charter one of the inexpensive local boats. There are no roads of any meaning on any of the islands, so to get around on land, it's the old fashioned mode of transport - walking.

The Diving
There are some places in the world that people don't seem to know about, yet when you go there you can't understand why. The Togians are such a place. Almost completely surrounded by the protective arms of central and north Sulawesi, Tomini Bay is reputedly the calmest deep water bay in the world. This is home to the undeveloped and remote Togian Islands.

Scuba diving in the Togean Islands is fantastic but the charm of the place extends well beyond the impressive dive sites: Peaceful tranquility, clean sandy beaches, sparkling seas, blue skies and no crowds.

As for the scuba diving here, well there's an awesome array of reefs, stunning underwater topography and fish diversity that some of the world's better known dive destinations could only dream of.

Then there's the variety of reef formations - isolated coral atolls with sheer deep walls, fringing reef slopes, barrier reefs, 30 or so coral gardens, deep water features such as The Crack - an awesome swim through at 50 metres, muck diving and mangrove areas, as well as a Second World War American fighter plane wreck - a B24 bomber.

The Togian Islands receive very few visitors and there are only a small numbers of locals, so the reefs are in exceptional condition. If you are looking for an idyllic tropical setting, with great diving right on your doorstep and little else to distract you, you've come to the right place. The Togean Islands are an excellent, and in no way inferior, alternative to other more popular Sulawesi dive destinations, no matter what your diving interest.

Room Rates:
Standard room: Rp 250.000/ day/person
Exclusive room: Rp 350.000/day /person(with indonesian toilet and bathroom - mandi inside)
Lux room : Rp 400.000/person (big bungalows with western toilet and shower)

(include 3 times meal, tea, coffee and water)

High and peak season apply from July 1-September 15 and December 1-January 15 with additional surcharge Rp. 100.000/night/room.