As the country with the second longest coastline in the world, Indonesia is home to countless beautiful beaches, and has won numerous awards for such. One of these beaches is Ora Beach, carefully hidden away on the North Coast of Seram Island. An exotic and extremely remote destination, Ora beach is perfect for Eco-travellers and honeymooners alike. A row of cozy, wooden cottages line the sandy, white beaches, overlooking the crystal clear waters of Sawai Bay, and with a backdrop of limestone cliffs and majestic mountains, covered in lush, tropical greenery. Seram island is most famous for its abundant bird life. Of 117 species found on the island, 14 are endemic to Seram.

Hidden in the north of Seram Island in Maluku province is Ora Beach, with its sugary white sand beach and crystal-clear water surrounded by lush tropical forest.

Ora Beach Resort is a family owned resort in this secluded part of Seram Island, and is only accessible by water.It is located between the Sawai Bay, rugged cliffs, forested peaks and Saleman village. The Resort comprises of 5 stilted bungalows, 6 standard rooms and a restaurant.

Ora Beach, a hidden paradise located in North of Seram Island. A secluded beach with only private eco-resort and surrounded by giant limestone hills, truly an excellent place to find serenity. Moreover, the house reef in front of the resort is still maintained very well. Healthy bunch of corals, even when the tide is low, the corals are visible. This place is very suitable for honeymooners.

The beach, largely unknown — even among the province’s residents, is also home to rich coral reefs and marine life, making it a favorite destination for ecotravelers.

Along the way to Saleman village in Seram Utara Barat district where the beach is located, tourists can be captivated by its tempting natural beauty, to the backdrop of a line of limestone hills and pristine tropical forest.

Just before reaching the beach, at a distance, five bungalows appear to be floating on the sea. The bungalows belong to the Exotic Ora Beach Resort, the only resort in the area. It can only be reached by sea, with a longboat or speedboat.

Inching closer to the resort, the crystal-clear water displays its hidden treasures, with colorful fish swimming around a huge expanse of coral reef, creating a dramatic vista with the thick tropical forest and the limestone hills in the background.

Several fishermen in traditional fishing boats were deep in their working routine in the Seram Sea, which holds the province’s third biggest supply of fishing resources.

The resort’s bungalows were the best place to stay the night as they allow guests to directly view the coral reef and colorful fish down below the bungalows.

Apart from the five bungalows, the resort also has six rooms on land, all facing the ocean.

Get There
The first step is to catch a flight to Ambon Pattimura Airport. Ambon is a domestic only airport, with available flights from the nation’s capital of Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, and other cities around Indonesia.

From the airport, hire a car and make your way to Tulehu Port, which will take you about 30 minutes. From there, catch a Ferry to Masohi, on Seram Island. Tickets cost between 50,000 – 150,000 Rupiah, and the trip will take between 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on the type of vessel you choose. After that, it’s another 2 hours by car along steep and winding forested roads until you arrive at the tiny fishing village of Saleman. At last, the final leg of the journey will be yet another boat ride from the village to Ora Beach Resort, which thankfully, will only take about 10 minutes.

Room Rates:
- Beach Cottages : USD 100/night/person, Twin share including breakfast and taxes
- Water Cottages : USD 150/night/person, Twin share including breakfast and taxes

Rates including : Harbor pick up and return in Saway Jetty, 3 meals a day, whole day tea and coffees, Mineral water and snack

High and peak season apply from July 1-September 15 and December 01-January 15 with additional surcharge USD 25/night/room/night.