The Malay word orangutan means "person of the forest." These long-haired, orangish primates, found only in Sumatra and Borneo, are highly intelligent and are close relatives of humans. Orangutans have an enormous arm span. A male may stretch his arms some 7 feet (2 meters) from fingertip to fingertip—a reach considerably longer than his standing height of about 5 feet (1.5 meters). When orangutans do stand, their hands nearly touch the ground.

Orangutans' arms are well suited to their lifestyle because they spend much of their time (some 90 percent) in the trees of their tropical rain forest home. They even sleep aloft in nests of leafy branches. They use large leaves as umbrellas and shelters to protect themselves from the common rains. These cerebral primates forage for food during daylight hours. Most of their diet consists of fruit and leaves gathered from rain forest trees.

They also eat bark, insects and, on rare occasions, meat. Orangutans are more solitary than other apes. Males are loners. As they move through the forest they make plenty of rumbling, howling calls to ensure that they stay out of each other's way. The "long call" can be heard 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) away. Mothers and their young, however, share a strong bond. Infants will stay with their mothers for some six or seven years until they develop the skills to survive on their own. Female orangutans give birth only once every eight years—the longest time period of any animal.

The animals are long-lived and have survived as long as 60 years in captivity. Because orangutans live in only a few places, and because they are so dependent upon trees, they are particularly susceptible to logging in these areas. Unfortunately, deforestation and other human activities, such as hunting, have placed the orangutan in danger of extinction.

Day 1. Pangkalan Bun – Kumai – Tanjung Harapan
Meet and Greet on arrival in Pangkalan bun and transfer to Kumai by car and than boating up to Tanjung Harapan. When you arrived in Tanjung Harapan, if you still have a time, you can visit information center and see feeding time at 15.00pm. Late afternoon, observing the proboscis monkey and another monkeys a long of river sides. Overnight on the boat (The boat is a traditional Klotok wooden river boat about 14m by 2m with roof upper deck where you can view the rain forest as it glides by. The guide's team includes the boatman, cook and guide) On the boat or back to the Lodge depend on your option or choice

Day 2. Tanjung Harapan – Pondok Tanggui – Camp Leakey
After early breakfast we boating up to Pondok Tangguithe rehabilitation center for the new ex-captive orangutans, see feeding time at 09.00am. And here, you can take a small trekking to explore the rain forest. Then proceed to Camp Leakey by boat. After lunch on the boat, beforevisiting feeding station at 14.00 pm for old rehabilitation orangutan given additional foods. Overnight or On the boat or back to the Lodge depend on your option or choice

Day 3. Camp Leakey 2nd
After breakfast, you can take trekking at Camp Leakey forest and back to the boat for lunch. After lunch we go to feeding orangutan for second time. Back to the boat and boating down slowly to explore the black river. Overnight on the boat a long the black river or On the boat or back to the Lodge depend on your option or choice

Day 4. Camp Leakey – Tanjung Harapan – Village – Fire Flies
After breakfast, you have opportunity to take a trekk on the forest to observe the wildlife and see information center at Camp Leakey. After lunch boating down to Tanjung Harapan to see feeding time at 15.00pm for second time and then visit the village. Late afternoon boating down slowly to the nipah palm to see the fire flies (defend on the weather). Overnight or On the boat On the boat or back to the Lodge depend on your option or choice

Day 5. Nipah palm – Tanjung Keluang Beach
After early breakfast we boating to Tanjung Keluang beach. A long the river you can see the mangrove forest. Tanjung Keluang is nature park and we have turtle sanctuary. If you lucky you can releas the baby turtle ( if available) and you can relaxing on the beach. In the evening, you can take a night walk to observe the nocturnal animals. And here you can overnight on the boat or camping.

Day 6. Tanjung Keluang Beach – Kumai – Pangkalan Bun
After breakfast boating to kumai and transfer to pangkalan bun airport by car. Next destination.

- Based on River Boat ( Klotok ) : USD 790/person, min 2 person
- Based in Rimba Lodge Standard Room : USD 900/person, min 2 person

Package Included :
Tour as per itineraries, Meals, Drinking water, Boat, Guide, Ranger, Rimba Eco Lodge or Boat accommodation package, entrance fees and permits @ US$ 75/Person.

Package Excluded :
Flight Tickets, Airport tax, Personal expenses, and all the things that we does not copy to this packages, Included Travel Insurance.

Highly recommended to prepared your own Travel insurance.