Lombok is an island in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. It forms part of the chain of the Lesser Sunda Islands, with the Lombok Strait separating it from Bali to the west and the Alas Strait between it and Sumbawa to the east. It is roughly circular, with a "tail" (Sekotong Peninsula) to the southwest, about 70 km across and a total area of about 4,514 km² (1,825 sq mi). The provincial capital and largest city on the island is Mataram. It is somewhat similar in size and density with neighboring Bali and shares some cultural heritage, but is administratively part of Nusa Tenggara Barat along with sparsely populated Sumbawa. It is surrounded by a number of smaller islands locally called Gili. The island was home to some 3.17 million Indonesians as recorded in the decennial 2010 census,  the latest estimate (for January 2014) gives the population as 3,311,044.

Tourism is an important source of income on Lombok. The most developed tourism area of the island is on the west coast of the island and is centered about the township of Senggigi. The immediate surrounds of the township contain the most developed tourism facilities. The west coast coastal tourism strip is spread along a 30 km strip following the coastal road north from Mataram and the old airport at Ampenan. The principal tourism area extends to Tanjung in the northwest at the foot of Mount Rinjani and includes the Sire and Medana Peninsulas and the highly popular Gili Islands lying immediately offshore.

These three small islands are most commonly accessed by boat from Bangsal near Pemenang, Teluk Nare a little to the south, or from further south at Senggigi and Mangsit beach. Many hotels and resorts offer accommodations ranging from budget to luxurious. Recently direct fast boat services have been running from Bali making a direct connection to the Gili islands. Although rapidly changing in character, the Gili islands still provide both a lay-back backpacker's retreat and a high class resort destination. Other tourist destinations include Mount Rinjani, Gili Bidara, Gili Lawang, Narmada Park and Mayura Park and Kuta (distinctly different from Kuta, Bali). Sekotong, in southwest Lombok, is popular for its numerous and diverse scuba diving locations. The Kuta area is also famous for its beautiful, largely deserted, white sand beaches.

The Small town is rapidly developing since the opening of the International airport in Praya. Increasing amounts of surfers from around the globe come here seeking out perfect surf and the slow and rustic feel Lombok. South Lombok surfing is considered some of the best in the world. Large polar lows push up through the Indian Ocean directing long range, high period swell from as far south as Heard Island from late March through to September or later. This conicides with the dry season and South-East trade winds that blow like clock work. Lombok is famous for its diversity of breaks, which includes world-renowned Desert Point at Banko Banko in the southwest of the island. The northern west coast near Tanjung has many new upmarket hotel and villa developments centreed about the Sire and Medana peninsular nearby to the Gili islands and a new boating marina at Medana bay. These new developments complement the already existing 5 star resorts and a large golf course already established there.

The authorities on the pristine Indonesian island are hatching an eco-tourism plan to ensure Lombok doesn’t go the way of tourism-dominated neighbour Bali Lombok was a particularly relevant choice, and itself a key topic, as it faces big development decisions, fuelled by an upturn in tourism. As a destination, it has always lain in the shadow of Bali, its more famous neighbouring island 40km across the Lombok Strait. “Much of Bali is dominated by tourism: hotels, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and upmarket boutiques,” said Kate Edwards of UK-based Jacada Travel, a luxury tour operator whose sales to Bali have surged by about 40% over the past year. “Lombok doesn’t yet have this. It boasts pristine rainforests and a vast national park, and is surrounded by waters rich in diverse marine life. The potential for eco-tourism is huge.” Lombok has long been tipped as the next big Indonesian destination, but bombings in Bali, the financial crisis, race riots, endemic corruption and a lack of government funding from Jakarta have limited development. Now, however, things are starting to take off.

Since the opening of an international airport four years ago, tourist arrivals to Lombok have risen from around 620,000 in 2009 to 1,630,000 in 2014. New roads and power plants have also been built. Top 10 budget beach hotels, villas and bungalows in Bali and Lombok Read more Yet the Indonesian government has said it is determined to handle progress carefully, and make sure the island does not go the same way as Bali. It has an eco-tourism master plan and has promised funding to market it overseas. Plus, a new local government mandate is calling for 80% of new tourism developments to feature some form of eco-tourism. Sire beach, on the north-west coast, is now home to several eco-chic boltholes.


Pick up services at your hotel Your first stop will be Kebon Rowek Traditional Market where you can see all local Sasak Lombok sell and buy all daily need Next stop is Banyumulek Village, one of many pottery village where clay pots for daily use, unique in style and high in quality is by hand made.

Next village to visit ia to Sukerare Village, where you see a tradition of weaving in well cared, Local women weave their Sarung textiles in local design and using materials from the nature.

They weave gold and silver thread to be traditional Songket and Ikat cloth with very simple looms.

Rambitan/Sade, a traditional sasak village located on the hill, 8 km from Kuta beach of lombok. This village shows you the unique way of life of the “Sasaks” the native inhabitants of Lombok. Kuta Beach / Tanjung Aan, both are situated on southern coast of Lombok, just 5 kilometers apart. these white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water are perfect for swimming and sun bathing. Lunch at local restaurant is included in the program.

On the way back to Senggigi, you will also visit Batik Painting, Pearl Gallery and end at Batu Bolong Temple for great sunset before transfer to your hotel

End of Services

Rate Per Person Rp, 550.000 min 02 Person

Rate included: - Private Car - English Speaking Guide - Entrance Fees - Lunch in Kuta - Refreshment - Entrance fees

Rate excluded: - Travel Insurance - Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks - Tipping - Phone Call - Diving


BENANG STOKEL WATERFALL Benang Stokel,-Meaning Literally, a Ball of thread, located in Aik Berik Village, Batukliang Utara Sub-district, 22 km north of Praya. Fresh and cool water falls from 20 meter high trough the steep rock face, covered by the variety of vegetations; the moss, forming lush green wall till the raft where lies small valley for bathing. The falling water seems to ply down joyfully, sliding one after another, cussing down and sounded as if boiling water. Local people believe the water has curative qualities. Facilities serve such food stalls, coffee stalls and realtor. This place is crowded by local people, especially Sunday or holidays. By the increase number of adventure interest, a trekking route into Segara Anak Lake has recently opened in this area, as well security post.

BENANG KELAMBU WATERFALL As if the curtains hanging over the air, blown by fresh wind, forming the beautiful space of scenery, is Benang Kelambu Waterfall. It is located only 1 Km from Benang Stokel, could be reached by car then visitors trail through the dense forest inhabited by long-tailed monkeys. This bathing site has natural cold water that flows over the slits of the stones in 35 high. Visitors favor this place for bathing while enjoying the beautiful panorama especially in Sunday and holidays.

Bored with big city atmosphere, visit the vivid green nature and pure culture on this tour. Drive to Central Lombok to find and enjoy the fresh air of rainforests and views of terraces with community farming activities.

Benang Kelambu waterfall Lombok located about 30 minutes walking from Benang Stokel waterfall Lombok. It will take an extra energy because its rather like trekking trail, up and down trail and more adventurous. The trail surrounded by social forest mixed up with rain forest. It’s also new-opened trail, it’s new managed access to this benang kelambu waterfall. And the visitors are countable.The waterfall is special and very unique. The waterfall look likes a big net which is spread out, that’s way it’s called Benang Kelambu in local language Sasak. It’s about 40m of height and have two graded irregularly. The dense of herbs make it seem more naturally.

Itinerary if you stay in Senggigi: 08.00 Am : Pick up from your hotel in Senggigi and drive to Benang Stokel Twin Waterfalls, this drive takes 1.5 hours 09.30 Am : Enjoy the great view of the waterfalls and surrounding. 11.00 Am : Starting your trek to Benang Kelambu Twin Waterfalls, Lunch box provide and lunch by the waterfall, you will walk through the forest of Rinjani National Park, coffee plantation, Bananas garden and you can also do birding. 15.00 Pm : Return to Senaru and drive back to Senggigi Lingsar Hindus Temple. 17.00 Pm : Return to Senggigi and transfer back to your hotel. End of services

What to bring: Make sure you bring your camera, sun hat and sun cream, comfortable walking shoes, small backpack and bottle water.

How to Book: The Benang Stokel Waterfalls Walk operates on a demand basis with a minimum two persons and please book at least 02 weeks in advance.

Hiking Starting in Senggigi : Rate Rp. 650.000/person min 02 person

Price included: Pick up and Transfer in Senggigi, AC vehicle, Lunch Box, Snack, Experiance Guide and Ranger



Senaru Panorama & Waterfalls Hiking
Led by local women guides, this easy half-day walk explores the foothills of spectacular Rinjani volcano in Lombok’s northern district of Bayan. Starting near the border of Gunung Rinjani National Park, your route follows old pathways amongst shady bamboo groves and village gardens before entering a wide, open landscape of rice terraces and palms. Following a winding irrigation channel you reach the lush rainforest of the famous Sendang Gila Waterfall Reserve. The local people believe that a refreshing bath behind these thundering falls can cure any disease. Along the way, discover tropical plants as your guide explains how the local people make practical use of them. You come across the cheeky long tailed monkeys and, with a bit of luck, may even spot the rare ebony leaf monkey. Passing small hamlets where age-old traditions are practiced, you will gain insight into the colorful village life of the Sasak. There is always something interesting happening here as you meet local people and admire traditional houses along the way.

Make sure you bring your camera – the views are simply spectacular!

On a clear day you may even catch a glimpse of Bali’s famous Gunung Agung volcano rising high above the blue waters of the Lombok Strait. Each turn of the track offers new vistas as finally Rinjani – the sacred mountain of the Sasak people – emerges majestically above rice terraces and rainforest. This natural and cultural diversity makes the Senaru Panorama Walk an unforgettable Lombok experience.

Hiking starting in Senaru : Rate Rp. 550.000/person min 02 person

Price included: Lunch Box, Snack, Experiance Guide and Water

Itinerary if you stay in Senggigi:
08.00 Am : Pick up from your hotel in Senggigi and drive to Malimbu Hill for Scenic view and panorama of Lombok coast.
10.00 Am : Visit Sigenter Traditional Watu Tellu Village
12.00 Pm : Starting your trek to Sendang Gili and Tiu Kelep, Lunch box provide and lunch by the waterfall of Tiu Kelep.
15.00 Pm : Return to Senaru and drive back to Senggigi via Pusuk Pass Mountain and feeding the monkeys
17.00 Pm : Return to Senggigi and transfer back to your hotel.
End of services

Hiking Starting in Senggigi :
Rate Rp. 750.000/person min 02 person

Price included: Pick up and Transfer in Senggigi, AC vehicle, Snack, Experiance Guide, Snack and Mineral Water

Have you ever been on the Bamboo Rafting tours? In Lombok we take you on Bamboo rafting on Meninting river to explore Lombok wildlife and sasak villages by the river.

With our comfortable bamboo raft can accommodate max 06 people and our local captain will take you see local life activities on the river of Meninting and also our guide will teach you all the flora and fauna of Lombok.

This Gondola Bamboo Rafting Tours will start at 08.00 Am and only take you 02 hours on the river and with bicycle to cycle around the villages and Lombok rice field. Your lunch will be provide at Riverside Crocodile River Restaurant after biking.

This is the unique way to explore Lombok island in different way. Join us now and feel the experience of Lombok on Bamboo Rafting!

Rate : Rp. 750.000/person min 02 person including hotel pick up and transfer

Rate included: - Private Bamboo Gondola - English Speaking Guide - Entrance Fees - Bicycle - Helmet - Lunch Box - Refreshment - Air Condition Vehicle

Rate excluded: - Travel Insurance - Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks - Tipping - Phone Call - Diving