Pahawang Islands (including Kelagian, Tanjung Putus and Tegal island) are situated in southern part of Lampung, near the Capital Bandar Lampung, so it is easy to reach. A Pahawang bernawa exsptik Island is located in District Highways Punduh, Pesawaran District, Lampung Province, Indonesia deserve to be the option for you to tourist destinations.

The island is already fulfilling some of the requirements as a tourist attraction, Beautiful natures good beaches, under the sea and mountainous nature of the island is very supportive as a tourist destination. Underwater scenery of Pahawang Island is very pretty awesome, as well as with panoramic beach. White sand stretches, endless blue sea water, and islands that form a hill green.

There are some places snorkeling spots in Pahawang Island, commonly placed that visited by tourists are Pahawang Besar Island , Pahwang Kecil Island,Kelagian Island, and Tanjung Cape. Pahawang Island Lampung is a tourist destination in Lampung Province Sai Earth Ruwa Jurai you should visit if you like the underwater attractions. Pahawang island located in District Punduh Pidada Pesawaran Lampung regency. With the beauty of nature and the world around water, Pahawang Island could be pleasure for some divers and snorkeling lovers. recommend to all reades Trip to Pahawang Island Lampung .

Pahawang Island is a great place to escape from jakarta. If you like to snorkeling, then you find the perfect place because there are so many snorkeling spots with many beautiful fishes. The island located around 30 minutes by boat from Ketapang Port. The island is very unique. There is a long white sandy beach that form a path between the water, Walking on it is very amazing. so travelers lift ur backpack, prepare ur snorkeling gear and enjoy the beauty of Pahawang Island Wide of Pahawang Island is about 1.084 hectares. Benefits combing all the shoreline of the island can rent a boat.

On one side of the island there are only between rows of palm trees and a lot of meetings. There being another part of the jungle with a large tree on the edge of the beach. This section just a little sand on the beach but really lush trees. Water clear blue sea appears to contrast with the green of the trees. Pahawang island has six hamlets, namely Suakbuah, Penggetahan, Jeralangan, Group, Pahawang and Cukuhnyai with occupant 1. 533 inhabitants. Around the Pahawang island there are many islands such as Pahawang Small, Gosong Island, Kelagian Island, Pahawang Besar Island.

There are many snorkeling spots around the island. One of them there is a sunken fishing boat. The ship was so hideout of fish and other marine animals. The diversity of the island’s underwater so added with several kinds of coral, fish, and marine plants.

How to go to the Pahawang Island ?
Pahawang Island can be reached through the way through the first cross Pier Ketapang. There is no public transport and the bus to the pier, to tourists outside of Lampung good can rent a car from Port Bakauheni, South Lampung or from Bandar Lampung after riding the bus to Terminal Rajabasa.

Pahawang Islands Snorkeling Tours 3 Days 2 Nights

Day 01 : Jakarta-Merak-Bakahuni Harbor Lampung-Pahawang Island Homestay

Depart from Jakarta in the morning, drive through to west Java of Merak harbor and by slow ferry to Bakahuni harbor of Lampung Sumatra, by small local boat to Pahawang and overnight. ( L, D )

Day 02 : Explore Pahawang Islands Explore
Pahawang islands including Balak Island, Lunik Island and Bedil island, return to your homestay and overnight. ( B, L, D )

Day 03 : Explore Pahawang Kecil-Lampung-Merak-Jakarta
Explore Pahawang kecil island and Kelagian kecil island for another snorkeling, after lunch leave the island and transfer to Bakahuni harbor and take a ferry back to Merah dan drive to Jakarta ( B, L, D )

End of service

Rate : USD 220/person/twin share, minimum 2 person

Price Include:
- homestay (share room)
- ferry tickets round trip merak
- bakauheuni
- traditional boat for snorkeling
- rent car for land journey bakauheni
- ketapang harbor
- 3 meals a day
- refreshment ( mineral water, coffee and teas )

Price Exclude:
- Upgrade Class Fery (Rp.20.000)
- snorkeling gear (u can bring ur own swimming goggles, or u can inform me if u want to rent snorkeling equipment)

- Backpacking
- Beach Exploring
- Island Hopping - Snorkeling