Friday, 29 May, 2015

Sambori Village – Lambitu Highland Bima – West Nusa Tenggara


Sambori village is a village which is above the high plains and mountains Lambitu Lambitu including the District of Bima, Sambori Village is just a very small village with a life that is still quite traditional.


Community Sambori average working as a farmer with a population of 800 inhabitants and in kepalai ± by a village chief, they cultivate since the time their ancestors were. Village distance from Bima Sambori only 400 KM, but now no longer difficult for vehicles to Sambori because local governments have created a new road and the asphalt.


people’s habits is eating betel leaves Sambori as the temperature and the air is very cold in the Village sambori so as to eliminate the cold they eat betel leaves are mixed with some herbs so that they are so warm body.


There is a unique village community from Sambori ie they still use another language from the language of Bima and surrounding areas, many people have their assumptions and perceptions that foreign-language native language for it is Sambori Interest Bima or ancestral language, which until now still used by villagers Sambori.


Sambori village community life is very simple, iu the shape and look of the existing furniture their home, the Village Community Sambori arguably still quite backward on Technology and tools for growing their daily lives at this particular time, until they are many who are still using equipment and tools are still traditional, pot to cook them still use a pot made of clay, and the more interesting in Sambori when it rains they do not use umbrellas in general, but they use a bark or leaves of Pandan and Rattan are made ??to be the umbrella, the local community called “Lupe”.


Villagers Sambori Many who embrace Islam, because there is a long historical story which is believed by the Society Sambori ie since the founding of the Kingdom of Bima, Islam first entered in the Kingdom through the highlands of Bima in Sambori by a cleric from Ternate named “Sheikh Dawn” , since he arrived in Sambori when Dawn, Dawn Shaikh then broadcast the teachings of Islam in Sambori, the tomb of Sheikh Dawn was on the summit of Mount Sambori, or call a sacred tomb.


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